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Possum Chase Marathon – Corryton, TN

Possum Chase Marathon – Corryton, TN

We love to support our local community of Corryton, TN and this weekend we had the pleasure of participating in a local marathon, the Possum Chase.

The day began, dark, dreary, and chilly, with a light rain. But, the weather doesn’t seem so bad when you are welcomed by many people who also braved it to go for a bit of a jog, or a long one if you did the 8 miles. We were surprised to see other kids as young as our son and many who we later found out were in their 80’s! That is a great goal to shoot for.

It was our first marathon as a family, and Benjamin’s first marathon ever. Everyone did well considering we hadn’t trained for it. Gratefully, my muscle memory quickly kicked in from many runs in basic training and in the Army.

We will definitely be doing more and hope to see you there next year!

Possum Chase 2021 Corryton, TN